Macaron Class at La Barantine, Bruntsfield Place

You all know by now that I can eat, but the real question is... can I bake?

Ordinarily the answer to this would be a big fat no, but a few weeks back I was kindly invited to a macaron making class by the team at La Barantine. I was pretty pumped but also pretty nervous because as much as I love baked goods, I'm not the best baker. I'm fairly impatient and don't like measuring or following recipes (again because I'm impatient) which works fine for me when cooking, but not so much with baking. Except for banana bread, I can nail a good banana bread. That being said, I am always up for a challenge especially when it involves a sweet treat!

The macaron classes are held at La Barantine's bakery on Bruntsfield Place. This is the kitchen where all the baked goods for all the La Barantine cafes (which you'll find further up Bruntsfield Place, as well as on West Bow and Raeburn Place) are made fresh daily. While the kitchen does feel quite big, they keep the event quite intimate with just 4 people, but this means you actually get to be properly involved in the baking process. There are two of La Barantine's bakers on hand to show you what to do and to lend a helping hand. You're split into two pairs and get to choose a macaron flavour out of raspberry, blueberry and salted caramel. My team went for blueberry.

I'm not going to spoil too much (or reveal the recipe!) by going into detail with the steps we took. Overall though, the recipe itself is fairly simple and straightforward but having the bakers there to guide you step by step and tell you whether you're doing it right was super helpful. I actually feel like given the right space and equipment (aka my parent's kitchen, not my own) I would be able to successfully recreate them now! The class itself took around 4 hours but in reality macarons take a little longer to make. The ganache that is sandwiched between the two halves needs to cool off for as long as possible. So although you do get to make some ganache, they have another one ready for you to pipe onto your macarons so you can finish them in one evening. 

The class had a really good balance between showing you how while also leaving you to it. Although we were baking in pairs, there was plenty to do and I felt that we both got equally involved. I think my favourite part was piping out the mixture as they gave us a few fun little guides to try out some different shapes from the usual circles to hearts and little bear shapes!

I had a really great time at the class and I'd definitely recommend it, whether you think you can bake or not! Macarons are not a complex recipe, but you have to get every step just right, so learning from the experts was a great experience. Plus, half-way along, we were treated to some Prosecco and some already made macarons – well deserved after all the hard work. We got to taste all the flavours La Barantine makes – my favourite was the strawberry and lemon!

So how did mine turn out I hear you ask...


No but seriously, considering the fact that just a few months before this class I couldn't even bake cookies (I tried for a bake sale at work and they all melted together and formed a giant mess of a cookie tray bake) I was so impressed with myself. I think the sign of a good class is when you leave it thinking, I could recreate that. After the class at La Barantine, I honestly think I could!

Check out La Barantine's website for more details on the macaron class (they run one a month!), or if you're feeling lazy you can just pop in to the bakery or one of their cafes for a ready made one, of course!

*I was kindly invited by La Barantine to participate in their macaron class, however, I have written this review on my own accord and my opinions remain my own.

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