Hemma, Holyrood Road

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to Hemma to check out their new and improved winter menu and I could not have been more excited. If you’re looking for a hearty, warming brunch to keep you warm this autumn/winter in a cosy cafĂ© with the loveliest staff – Hemma is the one for you. I’ve actually been a fan of Hemma (and the whole Boda Bar family) for a long time, it’s definitely one of my go-tos for brunch (and we all know how much I love brunch). The event was a little blogger lunch where I got to meet some great gals including Charlotte, KK and EdinFoodClub and indulge in some seriously delicious food.

The King of all Starter Plates
We were brought out some sharing starter platters to munch on first. There was bread accompanied by red pepper pate, pea and avocado smash and olives. The big plate was filled with all sorts of delicious goods including deep fried brie. Deep. Fried. Brie. You guys know by now that my biggest weakness is cheese, so the baked brie was the first thing I (gracefully) lunged for. Alongside the deliciousness of the melted cheese was fishcakes, terrine and mushrooms on toast which were also really tasty. I’m a big fan of starter-type foods and they were all delicious. My favourite, aside from the obvious brie, was also the mushrooms on toast – it was topped with a delicious honey mustard vegan ‘mayo’.

Eggs Brando
We got to choose our mains and I was immediately lured in by the ‘Eggs Brando’. Charlotte and KK were also raving about it far too much for me not to order it. Sweet potato tattie scones topped with scrambled eggs, feta, chilli and honey – talk about well up my street. The sweetness of the sweet potato and honey went so well with the tanginess of the feta and spice of the chilli. It is also served with roast mushrooms and tomatoes. I could not recommend this dish more, it is SO GOOD and a little bit of a different twist on a classic egg brunch dish.

Croque Madame
Every other time I’ve been to Hemma I’ve had the Croque Madame, the Queen of all brunch sandwiches, so I can also highly recommend this dish. Hemma does one mean Croque Madame – it even has the seal of approval from someone who lived in France… (me, duh) so that says something right! It is not small though, so make sure you’re nice and hungry before ordering it!

The dessert platter and chocolate orange cocktail

Hemma treated us like absolute Princesses and brought us out an array of their desserts to try. This included vegan chocolate brownies, apple upside down cake, carrot cake, baked vanilla cheesecake and of course, the traditional Swedish chocolate cake ‘Kladdkaka’. This sticky, warm, gooey chocolate cake was delicious and came with what I’m going to rename crack caramel sauce – I ended up pouring it on everything. I also really loved the baked vanilla cheesecake.

Just when we thought we couldn’t get treated anymore, the lovely Hemma staff brought us out one of their new winter cocktails. The majority of us could not resist trying out their chocolate orange cocktail. We were all surprised when it turned up completely clear – we were all expecting it to look like liquid chocolate! It was nonetheless delicious, and actually far more refreshing than I expected (the orange taste was super crisp).

Overall, it was a fantastic lunch with great company and so much good food. Hemma is a fantastic option if you’re looking for brunch that’s a bit more unique. Plus, Hemma caters for all with both a Gluten Free menu and Vegan menu – so you know you’re going to keep everyone happy. Check out their menu for yourself here. Every time I glance at it, I notice something new I want to try – the ‘Hasselback Potatoes and Hot Cheese Dip’ are calling my name!

Thanks again to the team at Hemma for an excellent event, you’ll be seeing me very soon for that hot cheese dip!

Disclaimer: I was kindly invited for a complimentary meal as part of a blogger brunch by Hemma but my review, as with all my reviews, reflects my own views and opinion. 

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