BURGER., Fountainbridge

I was super excited to receive a invite from BURGER. to try out the improvements that they have made to their menu. The last time I had been to BURGER. was quite a few years back so I was excited to give it another try. I'm always on the lookout for Edinburgh's best burger place – and I have to say BURGER. does rank near to the top.

While the menu is on the smaller side (especially for a burger place – some burger places really go over the top on the variety of different burgers they sell) it is definitely a case of quality over quantity. Despite it being a small burger menu, they cater to both Vegetarians and Vegans (I find Vegans usually get missed out when it comes to burgers). And it's not just a portobello mushroom between two buns. They serve up a veggie patty of organic tempeh, roast chickpea, beetroot, sweet potato and brown rice topped with grilled halloumi for Veggies and chipotle relish for Vegans. There are two chicken options for those who prefer a chicken burger (this is normally me but every now and then I crave a beef burger). The Firecracker is a marinated fried chicken thigh topped with smoky chipotle slaw and either Red Leicester or Stilton cheese. BURGER. are pretty well known for their Katsu burger, a panko-crusted chicken burger with wasabi mayo and tonkatsu sauce, I've had this one in the past and would highly recommend it.

The Capital B with chicken salt fries

As BURGER. had recently made some improvements to their burger patties, I was super keen to try one out for this review. Their burger patties contain five cuts of Scottish beef and have now been increased to 6 ounces. I think when you're eating out for a burger you really want the beef to have that quality taste and be a thick patty – otherwise you'd just stick to fast food, right? I went big and ordered the Capital B, a burger topped with slow cooked brisket, French brie, pickled red onion, tomato and BURGER.'s own sauce on a brioche bun. Despite the extra meat on my burger, I could really taste the deliciousness of the patty meat, and it wasn't at all dry. Of course, being a bit of a cheese addict, I thought the addition of brie was genius and went really well with the brisket. If you love a bit of a meat overload, this is a really great burger.

Of course, with any burger needs to come fries. These can often be neglected at a burger place, usually some normal fries on the side of your burger will suffice. But BURGER. does some pretty impressive fries including cheese fries, sweet potato fries, brisket topped cheese fries and chicken salt fries. That's right chicken salt. I honestly had never heard of chicken salt before my visit, but have later been informed by my Aussie friend Shauna that this is a pretty popular seasoning in Australia. And it is insane. It made the chips super salty and tasty and honestly completely addictive. I was pretty full up from my meal but just kept on reaching for the fries. I don't even feel like my description of them fully covers how delicious they were. If you go to BURGER. for anything you need to get these fries. I'm also now going to be on the lookout for chicken salt in every shop I go in.

A couple of delicious milkshakes

One of the things BURGER. is well known for is its delicious milkshakes. They come in some standard flavours including Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate as well as some more adventurous such as Sticky Toffee Pudding, Hazelnut Mocha, New York Cheesecake and Banana Split. I went for Stick Toffee Pudding which is one of my all-time favourite puddings. With 4 scoops of home-made ice cream in every milkshake (something my waistband probably didn't want to know) and some straight up sticky toffee thrown in, this milkshake was super creamy and delicious. When it first arrived I thought it was maybe a bit small – but in the end I was pretty thankful because they are so filling. You don't need a dessert – just shove your dessert into a milkshake! If, like me, sticky toffee pudding is one of your favourite desserts this is a must.

While BURGER. has always served beers and wine, they've recently added cocktails to the drinks menu. I didn't try any out on my last visit but I did notice one in particular that stood out and has me dying to go back; the Sorbet Spritz... homemade sorbet served with a mini bottle of Da Luca prosecco! While the cocktail menu is small they have some pretty great sounding cocktails and a few pitchers – great for sharing!

Overall I really enjoyed my visit to BURGER., if you're looking for a great quality burger this is probably one of my first choices. While some might find the menu to not have enough choice, what they produce is a quality burger (and a banging milkshake) and is definitely worth a try.

BURGER. is located on Fountainbridge, pretty close to Cineworld if you fancy a meal before your next film (let's face it cinema food is extortionate - go for a burger instead). Check out their menu for yourself here. BURGER. also have specials that change up every now and then (the Christmas ones sound delicious!) which you can check out on their Instagram.

Disclaimer: I was kindly invited for a complimentary meal by BURGER. but my review, as with all my reviews, reflects my own views and opinion. 

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