Spatch, Hunter's Square

I was recently invited to check out the relatively new kid on Hunter's Square, just off the royal mile, Spatch. Spatch are all about chicken, they use Barn reared Scottish chickens that are cooked 'spatchcock' style (when it's split open to be cooked) on their charcoal fired rotisserie.

First things first, I really loved the d├ęcor inside. The restaurant has a barnyard theme with a twist, I'd call it farm-chic. It's also so much bigger inside than it looks on the outside. I was expecting it to be similar in size to its neighbour Civerinos (which I frequent a lot) but it felt a lot more spacious. The front section where the bar is, is all you can see from the outside, but once you've stepped in there's a big space at the back. It's all wooden ceilings and walls like a barnyard with old school floral prints and really cool light fixtures.

The main theme of Spatch's menu is chicken, but unlike Nando's, there are plenty of other tasty options on the menu. There's burgers, there's ribs, there's steak and there some great sides. But if it's chicken you're craving, Spatch has got your back. The chicken comes in a variety of forms; straight up in whole or half, as wings or in a burger. My friend and I shared a half chicken alongside a 'The Cluck Norris' (I only bring my pals willing to share all their food with me). The burger was really delicious, I'd definitely recommend it. A breaded chicken burger topped with BBQ pulled chicken and bacon in a delicious brioche bun? Talk about a chicken overdose! It didn't feel like overkill though the pulled chicken acted like a sauce and went really well with the crispiness of the breaded chicken and bacon. This was probably one of my favourite things that we ordered.

Our absolute feast 
The chicken, unlike Nando's, isn't covered in sauce, it's got a salty, crispy skin with your chosen sauce on the side. The chicken was good, but it didn't blow me away, but probably because I wasn't super keen on the sauce I ordered (the Sweet and Spicy). The sauces you can order are homemade and range from mild Buttermilk Ranch (why don't more British places serve this sauce!) to Nuclear Hot (I did not have the guts to try this!).

Mac and Cheese balls, Haggis Fritters and Chorizo and Scallion Mash
Where I think Spatch really shines is in the sides department, there's a bunch to choose from. Any place that serves mac and cheese balls gets a thumbs up from me (their ones are giant by the way). My favourite side was the haggis fritters, they were really good and came with an interesting spicy Irn-Bru sauce (I still can't decide if I loved this or didn't, it's certainly a unique cross between sweet and spicy, which does really compliment haggis). We also had the prawns which were decent, but not my favourite, they come with a huge chunk of bread. The prawns were just a little lacking compared to the other sides (and are way pricier at £8.50). If you like chorizo you need to get the 'Chorizo and Scallion Mash'! Of course there are fries (and sweet potato fries) on the sides menu, but I couldn't resist the more unusual sides.

The menu does feature some Vegetarian and healthier options than the burgers and deep fried sides. They have a halloumi burger which is always a winner (am I right?) and a few salad and rice dishes. I feel like to go to somewhere like Nandos you have to want to go for the chicken, but you can head to Spatch even if chicken is the last thing on your mind, there's plenty to choose from.

Salted caramel cheesecake
The dessert menu is pretty small, but you're likely to be completely stuffed after your meal anyway. We squeezed in a 'Salted Caramel Cheesecake' which was actually really good. There's also an apple crumble and a chocolate orange torte.

Spatch is a great place if you're looking for a relaxed meal with some drinks and your pals. They even have a great range of Scottish craft beers to have alongside your meal. I have compared it to Nandos a little in this post, but it's definitely not like Nandos at all. It's definitely not fancy, fine dining but Spatch does good old fashioned, filling food pretty well. 

Check out Spatch's website to check out the menu for yourself. 

Disclaimer: I was kindly invited for a complimentary meal by Spatch but my review, as with all my reviews, reflects my own views and opinion. 

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