Nobles, Constitution Street

The Full Breakfast

Nobles has very quickly become my go-to brunch pub in Leith. You can't go wrong with most places along Constitution Street - it's pretty easy to get a good meal in this area but Nobles is one of my favourites. Nobles has been around since 1896, and has really unique nautical decor with dark wood and stained-glass windows. There's so much to look at, I feel like you spot something new on the walls every time you go. It has a really relaxed and cosy feeling inside, with super friendly staff. Plus, Nobles is dog friendly (what's not to love about that)!

The brunch menu is a strong combination of classics with a bit of a twist. You'll find your usual favourites like fry-ups and benedicts along with some unexpected, but delicious sounding plates such as Truffled Scrambled Eggs & Venison Salami and Confit Portobello Mushrooms & Goats Cheese. Whether you want brunch that leans towards the breakfast end or towards the lunch/dinner side, you'll find something on this menu. While the brunch menu is only available at weekends, you'll find many of the same items on the lunch menu, ran through the week.

Every time I've been I've had something different, which is something I love in a menu. If I find an absolute favourite dish somewhere I will order it time and time again, but I do really love trying new things, so I really appreciate when a menu has so many different dishes I want to try. I'm itching to try out the Truffled Eggs and Portobello Mushrooms! I also feel like they change things up on their menu quite often, which is exciting.

So what do I recommend? Firstly, the fry-ups!

Full Vegetarian Breakfast

The fry-ups are delicious, I've tried both the meat-y and veggie ones. They'll do your eggs how you like it, and even have (the far too often overlooked) tattie scone. The veggie haggis is particularly delicious!

Brioche French Toast

The Brioche French Toast is also delicious and not too over-the-top of a portion. Served with fruit and chantilly cream, it's a great breakfast for those who like to start the day with something sweet.

Leek, Spinach and Smoked Arran Cheddar Baked Eggs

I also love the Leek, Spinach & Smoked Arran Cheddar Baked Eggs. There's a nice contrast between the strong flavours of the leek and the smoked cheddar. The saucy and cheesiness is great for dipping. My only complaint is you don't get enough bread, but maybe they were just cutting me off from carbs-overload and I should thank them... And the eggs are definitely not as runny as I like, but I find this is pretty common in baked egg dishes.

My mum really loves the steak sandwich, and orders it quite a lot. The Gaucho Steak is always cooked really well, and to your liking. The sauce in the sandwich is something a little different with a Chimichurri that adds a bit of a spicy kick.

Also top tip, save room for dessert! Nobles serves a 'Petit Fours' which is ideal if you can't pick out just one dessert. Instead you get a selection of bite-sized treats. Of course, if an after-meal coffee is more your style go for the Affogato (ice cream, short bread and a double shot of hot espresso).

If you want to enjoy a drink with your meal, Nobles has a great bar selection including cocktails and craft beers.

So if you're looking for a new spot for brunch... you now know where to head! Check out Nobles' website for a full look at their menu and how to get there.

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