Wee Buddha, Jamaica Street

After a particularly tough Body Pump session at the gym I decided to reward myself with a whole lot of food (it's pretty obvious why I can't lose weight despite going to the gym 4 times a week right...?). My friend had been recommending Wee Buddha to me for a while so I dragged her to it last Sunday.

When I saw the menu I got super excited. There's nothing I love more in this foodie world than tapas or small bites... whatever you want to call them. As an absolute greedy guts I find it so hard to pick just one thing off a menu. I see so many things I want to try so when a menu gives me the option to have a lot of small plates, I'm all for it. Wee Buddha's menu is a combination of bowls (mainly noodle dishes) and small dishes. You could either order one small dish as a starter and a bowl as a main, or you can, like me, order a bunch of little dishes. So here's a low-down on the ones I tried.

Cantonese seasoned chips, satay pork belly and veggie gyozas
My friend and I shared the veggie gyozas, which were super soft and delicious. You get a fair few of them as well, so for a small plate/starter size they certainly aren't stingy.

The next dish I chose was the satay pork belly, which was really tasty. Now I'm a big fan of satay it is straight up my favourite sauce. So I was a little disappointed that they were more marinated in a satay sauce than covered in one. What I'm trying to say is that I would have loved more sauce. That being said the skewers were delicious and the pork belly was nice and fatty.

Pad thai wings
I also ordered pad thai wings which were insanely good. I'm not really that big on wings, I'd very rarely order it off a menu, but I was super intrigued by them being covered in one of my other favourite sauces. (Side note: Wee Buddha is you wanna make some satay wings I'd be SO DOWN FOR THAT!) Unlike the pork belly, these were drenched in sauce, which I actually didn't expect but was pleasantly surprised with. The sauce was so good, a little sweet, a little tangy. I was so full by this point but couldn't leave a wing uneaten. They were super crispy on the outside with juicy meat on the inside. I highly recommend ordering the wings if you go here, they also come in sweet siracha, garlic and chilli or k-wing sauce (not entirely sure what the last sauce is to be honest!).

Cantonese seasoned chips
And finally, the pièce de résistance... the cantonese seasoned chips. Oh. My. God. Were. These. Good. I don't think I ever want to try another chip again in my life. The chips are a must order at Wee Buddha. You know when you order a takeaway and you get salt and chilli chips? The cantonese seasoned chips are similar but EVEN BETTER. The seasoning is so good and not too spicy, so don't worry if you don't like spice. On top of that the actual chips are my ideal, not too skinny, not too thick, perfectly crispy with tons of those little super crispy ones. So good. If you've looked at the above picture and not decided to go to Wee Buddha and order the seasoned chips you're straight up crazy.

Another reason I love the option of small bites/plates/tapas style is that your meal can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. The small bites range in price from £3.20 to £7.90, so if you're a greedy guts like me you might need to order tap water because you'll be spending a lot, but if you have restraint you can easily pop in for a small, cheap meal. If I wasn't up for pigging out, I'd be happy with just the chips and wings!

Wee Buddha is an absolute hidden gem, tucked away on Jamaica Street in Stockbridge. Alongside the asian tapas-style food there's a great selection of beers and cocktails at the bar, and it makes a cute little place for a drink. Although I can imagine I wouldn't be able to resist ordering the chips even if I was only going in for an asian beer! I'm definitely going to be heading back to Wee Buddha soon, I'm dying to try their salt and spicy squid, so look out for more pics on my Instagram.

Check out Wee Buddha's food and drink menu for yourself over on their website!

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