Foodie Travels: London

Last weekend I headed through to London for the weekend to see some friends who thankfully tagged along with me on some foodie adventures (kudos to them for putting up with me taking 500+ pics of our food before allowing anyone to eat). I ate at some really great places, so if you're heading down anytime soon, you need to check some of these out. Here is the low-down on all the food (and drink) I ate over the weekend!


Pancakes with blueberries and coconut cream... with a side of bacon
My friends love Grind because they do bottomless prosecco to go along with their amazing brunch menu. We didn’t go for the bottomless prosecco that morning because we had so many plans for the rest of the day that we didn’t want to be half drunk for, but normally for £12 you get your prosecco topped up endlessly within a 2 hour window – a pretty good idea for a lazy Sunday! I ordered the pancakes with blueberries and coconut cream with a cheeky side of bacon. These pancakes were really unique and different from the standard buttermilk pancakes you usually tend to get for brunch. They were really thick and cakey making them super delicious and filling. They were just a hint fruity as well which actually complimented the salty, perfectly crispy bacon I ordered on the side. I also got a matcha latte which was nice and strong, how I like it when I’ve got a long day of eating and drinking ahead of me. I also absolutely loved the décor here, really simple and clean with stunning marble tables and an amazing neon sign with the motto I definitely live by: ‘Don’t just stare at it, eat it’. Check out Grind's menu on their website the food is so good you'll certainly be doing more than staring at it.

The motto I live by


Seven Berry Doughnut
This doughnut shop has a really unique selection of flavours – like kiwi and green apple and beetroot lemon-thyme. I opted for Matcha and my friend went for Seven Berry. Mine was not only a matcha flavoured doughnut but also covered in lovely sweet matcha icing. I’ve always wondered why some places spell doughnuts D-O-N-U-T-S and others D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T-S but Crosstown have finally given me the answer as their delicious doughnuts are definitely on the doughy side. They are almost like cake in texture and actually pretty thick (I couldn’t even take a proper bite out of one… I posted a picture on Instagram with a bite taken out but that was actually after several bites!). I definitely recommend Crosstown if you’re looking for a pit-stop snack. I brought mine into the cinema with me (cheeky) and it was a great mid-day snack. We got our Crosstown Doughnuts from Soho but they also are available all across London. Check out their website to see more of their fun and unique flavour combos.

When your friends catch you taking pics of your food

Just a few of our tapas selection
We spent the rest of the day at the cinema watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (if you haven't seen it yet you need to for Baby Groot alone) and then headed off for some tapas and wine. We thought after a day of brunch and doughnuts, tapas would be a good way of being able to pick at a few things. Me and my friend ordered a few plates to share including the black pudding, cheese fritters, patatas bravas, croquettes, calamari and the prawns. The highlights for me were the cheese fritters which came with a slightly sweet and tangy tomato chutney and the croquettes. Oh man the croquettes are good, they are filled with potato, cheese and Serrano ham. I highly recommend them - although don't share they are tiny! Camino would make a great place for drinks and nibbles as well as they offer both cheese and ham platters and have a great wine menu. We went to the one in Bankside, but there are plenty dotted around London, check out their website for more details


Can't beat a glass of red wine
I LOVE THIS PLACE! Definitely highly recommended if you love wine and you love controlling your intake of wine. We went to the new one in Victoria which was a good choice because it was pretty empty for a Saturday night. How it works is you get a card, top it up then use it to purchase your wine. You pay a £5 deposit for the card and then top up as much as you like. My friends kept their cards but I made sure to use all the money off mine then returned it to get my deposit back, since I wouldn’t be back for a while. There are a selection of wines at the middle of the bar from reds to whites to rosé. All you do is pop your glass under the tap (remember to do this!!! Or you’ll end up with wine down the drain), insert your card into the slot at the end of the row, then press a button and your chosen wine is poured straight into your glass. It’s a great way to try out new wines as you’re given the option of a taster sized measure, a regular glass or a large glass, priced accordingly. Most of the taster sized measures are around the £1-2 mark so you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money if you pick a wine you don’t like. The Vagabond in Victoria had a pretty decent selection and it was really great trying out a few different wines. There are also Vagabond wine bars all over London, check their website for one near you.


The Frooty One
We initially planned to go to Camden Market for the Cheese Festival, however, the Cheese Festival had created some RIDICULOUS queues. I was pretty annoyed at the whole event to be honest, from what I'd heard of it it seemed to be the same stalls that are normally at Camden but hidden behind barriers and with a whole lot more people (gathered for the gimmick of the festival). I follow quite a few of the cheese related street food vendors on Instagram so I know most of them do Camden Market regardless of the festival (including the pasta tossed in the cheese wheel, the mac and cheese and the newly opened cheese bar). But because of the following the Festival had drummed up, it was impossible to get in without waiting in a queue for several hours. So despite my love for cheese and thus utter disappointment we passed on spending a day waiting in a queue (and that was just the queue to get in, let alone for actual food).

But at least this left the Cereal Killer Cafe, located within Camden Market, nice and empty (while it does fit the dairy theme, I don't think they decided to try selling cheese cereal for the festival). The decor in here is what is most impressive. If you were a kid in the 90's you'll appreciate this place, it is like someone took your childhood, turned it up full blast and exploded it all over a café. My favourite part were the single beds lined up as benches to sit on, adorned in a variety of 90's bedsheets including Taz and the Power Rangers. After you order your food you are given a VHS case of an epic 90's movie (we had Jumanji) so they know who to bring your order out to.

The menu is literally as you'd expect... all cereal. You can just straight up order a bowl of Lucky Charms or Rice Krispies... whatever you want! My friend ordered a bowl of what we called in France 'Smacks' aka Sugar Puffs because she hadn't had them since she was a kid. I wanted something a little more extravagant... are you even remotely surprised? While I was tempted by their cereal cocktails (a mixture of different cereals and sweets) I opted for a sweet beverage. You have the choice of loaded hot chocolates or milkshakes, decorated with sweets and cereals. I went for the 'Frooty One' a strawberry milkshake topped with whipped cream and what I believe are Fruity Pebbles? Think if a Unicorn swallowed an entire box of Corn Flakes then pooped them out all and they were covered in rainbows and magic... that's Fruity Pebbles. As overly sweet it was... I did really enjoy it! It went down a treat surrounded by walls decorated with my childhood. If you're a cereal fan as I am myself, it's definitely worth a visit even just to see the place!


20inches of heaven
If you're looking for good pizza and a lot of it you need to go looking for Homeslice hidden in Neal's Yard in Covent Garden. The place is small so you'll probably need to wait for a table (by table I mean share a bench with a bunch of strangers because all good pizza places make you sit at a bench with strangers) but the pizza is worth it. All their pizzas are 20inch and cooked as they should be in a wood fire oven. Their pizza toppings are pretty out there and unique and every time something caught our eye on the menu something in the list sounded a bit off. In the end we went for half margarita and half mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli. The mushroom side was SO good. It was tangy from the mushrooms, sweet from the ricotta, a little crunchy from the pumpkin seeds and had a bit of spice from the chilli. So good I think I could eat a whole 20inches of that pizza to myself. They also serve pizza by the slice if you're not a big fatty like me and deliver! I know where I'd be getting my pizzas if I lived in London.

So that's it! There are still so many places I want to try out in London but I sadly did not have the time or belly space. I love going down to London for a little weekend away so I will definitely be back soon to tick a few more places off my foodie bucket list - so stay tuned!

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