Meltmongers, Bruntsfield Place

If you know me, you know I love cheese. If you don’t know me… hi my name is Leanne and I LOVE cheese. I love cheese in all its glorious forms but am I right in saying nothing beats melted cheese. So needless to say when I discovered Meltmongers a café dedicated to the melted cheese beauty that is a cheese toastie, I knew I needed to go. How it has taken me this long to finally get around to going to Meltmongers I will never be able to understand or comprehend. But finally, I have been and I’m already trying to plan my next trip.

The only reason I haven’t been to Meltmongers is that it is located all the way in Bruntsfield and I am rarely ever down that way (on a side note: the cheese toasties are so good I’m now flat hunting in that area – just kidding... kind of). Me and my friend Annie literally walked half-way across town just to go to Meltmongers but at least we felt like we'd earned that carby-cheesy overload once we got there. Meltmongers is pretty small, but luckily it wasn't too busy when I was there so we ordered food and got it really quickly. I'd imagine it's hard to get a seat when it's pretty busy, but just get your melt to go and sit in the meadows (or to your flat we live in Scotland guys eating outside just isn't a thing). If you are lucky enough to live not too far from Meltmongers they are also on Just Eat. Yes that's right, when you are in the darkest of darkest hangovers where even lifting your head from your pillow is a struggle you can sit back and order a delicious toastie right to your door. (I'm pretty bitter and jealous about this because they do not deliver to my postcode.)

Now I know what you're thinking, the entire menu can't just be toasties and you're right it's not. Meltmongers also do all day breakfast burritos and a variety of burgers. The cheese is the centre of attention on this menu (my dream menu) from breakfast sandwiches drenched in cheddar to cheese sauce on all the sides. The melts themselves (I keep calling them toasties I hope the melts don't take offence) come with a variety of fillings from your classic cheddar to tuna and cheese to brie and caramelised onions. There's something for everyone... providing you like cheese.

I had the 'mac and cheese' cheese toastie, which isn't actually on their menu as it used to be a special, but if you ask kindly they'll usually make it for you. And boy is it worth the absolute carb overload. Macaroni and cheese smothered between two pieces of soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside thick pieces of toasted bread then sprinkled with parmesan to finish. The first thing we actually said was 'even the bread is good'... I'm drooling just thinking about it. We also had the sweet potato fries with the cheese dip which was great – but try to eat these first if the dip goes cold it turns back into solid cheese! I'm definitely keen to go back to Meltmongers, I have my eye on the chilli jam toastie next. I'm also dying to try the sweet melts (which I actually forgot about when I was there and I'm not happy about it) because they have a Nutella, banana and marshmallow melt. Yes you heard me right.

If you're a fan of cheese and cheese toasties (melts sorry they're called melts) you need to get yourself down to Meltmongers – it is what all your melted cheese dreams are made of... and more.

Find out more about Meltmongers on their facebook.  

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