Cup Tea Lounge, South Charlotte Street

It was recently my birthday and while I try to ignore its arrival so that I can forever stay young and never age, a friend of mine treated me to a cute little afternoon tea at the Cup Tea Lounge on South Charlotte Street. Oh but this was no ordinary afternoon tea, as alongside our pots of tea, selection of sandwiches and abundance of cakes, we got to enjoy a pot of gin cocktail!

First things first was the tea of course. Cup Tea Lounge has a huge tea menu offering a range of flavours that will suit anyone's tastes. From 'Tablet in a Cup' black tea, to 'Sweet Apple' green tea, to 'Chai Booster' health tea, they had some really interesting sounding teas – I really wanted to try them all. In the end we both opted for fruity teas and tried the 'Peach Delight' and the 'Rhubarb and Cherry' (which was the winner by far!). As all their teas come from their Signature Collection, some of the loose leaf blends are available to purchase and take home.

In addition to the pot of tea each, we were also offered a pot of gin cocktail to share. Their cocktail menu is pretty gin heavy (as a gin lover I'm not complaining) but they do offer an array of cocktails and drinks that are not gin. One of the cutest aspects of their menu is that certain cocktails come with suggestions on which macaron you should indulge in with your drink of choice. With the two pots of tea and the cocktails our table was soon overflowing with teapots it was almost like a Mad Hatter's tea party. Speaking of the teapots, each teacup comes with a cute little literary reference along the rim.

On our seemingly neverending cake stand of delicious food was a selection of savoury sandwiches, two mini scones with jam and clotted cream and an array of sweet treats. Normally I feel overwhelmed by the amount of food in an afternoon tea selection, but Cup Tea Lounge gets the portion sizes just right so you feel like you've had a treat but you don't feel the need to take your belt off at the table for fear of bursting out. I was initially disappointed at the size of the scones (because my eyes are far bigger than my stomach) but realistically a mini scone is all you need when you've got a cupcake and macaron to follow it up!

Cup Tea Lounge also offer a brunch, lunch and cakes menu if afternoon tea isn't really your thing. The brunch menu offers the usual eggs benedict and breakfast sliders as well as a 'build your own' breakfast option that includes french toast, pancakes and waffles! As a big brunch fan, I'm super keen to come back and check out their 'morning tea' where you get a mini smoothie or fruit juice, granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit, a scone, mini danish pastries, mini eggs benedict, mini roll with lorne sausage and one with bacon!

If you, like me, find it hard to get your mum a gift at Christmas (I know it's November, but let's face it we need to start thinking about presents already!), treating her to an afternoon tea with a cocktail kick at Cup Tea Lounge would be a great option. There is also the classic non-alcoholic version of course as well as the 'Afternoon Tea Experience' where you're served unlimited savoury bites, scones and hot drinks!  

Cup Tea Lounge also has three Glasgow locations. Find out more and check out their menu here:

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